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Retro Environmental is your trusted partner for environmentally responsible abatement & remediation services.

When it comes to asbestos and other dangerous substances, proper handling and removal are crucial for safety. Standard demolition companies may not have the specialized training required for effective abatement. That's where Retro Environmental stands apart. With nearly 30 years of experience in superior abatement work, we are the premier choice for asbestos abatement services of all sizes ensuring a safe and efficient process from start to finish.


Our specialized services in abatement and remediation include:

  • Asbestos Abatement: Our skilled team is trained in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials, minimizing health risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Mold Remediation: We offer professional mold inspection, testing, and remediation services to address mold issues and improve indoor air quality.

  • Lead Abatement: Our experts are equipped to handle the safe removal of lead-based paint and other lead-containing materials, safeguarding occupants and the environment.

  • Hazardous Material Cleanup: We possess the knowledge and resources to manage the cleanup and disposal of various hazardous materials, adhering to strict safety protocols.

  • Environmental Remediation: We specialize in the remediation of environmental contaminants, such as soil or groundwater contamination, restoring the integrity of the affected area.

Worker with white protective suit, gloves and mask removes removal white asbestos on const

Asbestos Abatement

  • Bulk sampling

  • Asbestos surveys

  • Air monitoring

  • Encapsulation

  • Removal

  • Disposal

  • Repair

  • Enclosure

  • Operation & maintenance (O&M)

specialist in combating mold in an apartment.jpg

Mold Remediation

  • Site assessments

  • Microbial sampling

  • Remediation

  • Decontamination

  • Restoration services

  • Component removal

  • Flood, fire, & disaster clean-up

  • Duct cleaning

Two house painters in hazmat suits removing lead paint from an old house..jpg

Lead Abatement

  • Risk assessment

  • Inspection

  • Paint stabilization

  • Component removal

  • Chemical striping

  • Abrasive blasting

  • Waste characterization

  • Disposal

Label of a hazardous chemical in a scientific laboratory. Warning icons on flammability an

Hazardous Material Removal

Hazardous Waste Material Removal

Our commitment to cost-effectiveness means that we strive to provide efficient solutions without compromising on quality or safety. By offering turn-key services, we handle all aspects of the project, saving you time and resources.


Choose Retro Environmental for your abatement and remediation needs and benefit from:

  • Experienced professionals: Our skilled team has the expertise to handle abatement and remediation projects of all complexities, ensuring effective and reliable results.

  • Compliance and safety: We strictly adhere to regulations and industry standards to maintain a safe working environment for our team and clients.

  • Comprehensive solutions: Whether it's asbestos abatement, mold remediation, lead abatement, or hazardous material cleanup, we have the capabilities to address your unique requirements.

  • Turn-key approach: From initial assessment to final cleanup, we manage the entire process, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

  • Competitive pricing: We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your project needs, delivering value for your investment.


Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how Retro Environmental can provide cost-effective, turn-key solutions for your abatement and remediation projects of all sizes.

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